Information for Media

Like every courtroom in Canada, transparency and openness will be guiding principles throughout this Inquiry. Members of the media, as representatives of the public, have a right to timely access to information presented throughout the Inquiry. A record of the evidence received at the Inquiry will be made and transcripts posted on the Inquiry website. Thus, openness and access will be the rule, except in instances when the Judge deems it necessary to limit access to protect the administration of justice.

The Media Protocol for the Desmond Inquiry is largely based on the approved practices and policies in the Guidelines for Media and Public Access to the Nova Scotia Courts, including the Exhibit Access Policy. However, any disputes regarding access will be subject to the Judge’s discretion.

Final_Exhibit Access Policy_02_01_19.pdf

Media Contacts:

Inquiry Counsel

Allen Murray, QC, Chief Crown Attorney – Central Region,

Judicial Assistant and Administrative Support

Elise Levangie,

Communications Director for the Nova Scotia Judiciary

Jennifer Stairs,

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